with Enrico Robotti

Rhinoseptoplasty is probably the most complicated operation in aesthetic surgery , which requires a long learning curve and considerable dedication. Over the last few years there have been undoubtable changes of major impact in rhinoplasty techniques. This has led to an operation which is more complex, more lengthy, but undoubtedly offers highly rewarding results

Even the best rhinoplasty  symposia and courses worldwide have the inevitable drawback of a large faculty with different point of views which have to be expressed in a limited time.  Though this allows intensive teaching in multiple formats, excess of compressed information may lead attendees to some confusion and a desire for further guided learning, in depth and unhurried.

The purpose of this course, limited to a maximum of 35 participants, is to spend three full days in direct interaction with the operating room, as well as to be exposed to lectures and videos on the facts and techniques that currently matter most in primary and revision rhinoplasty, with emphasis both on cosmetic and functional issues. The last day will be a brainstorming session devoted to review, video-focuses and case presentations brought both to and by attendees.

Dr Robotti will share with the participants, in live HD connection with the operating room, his favorite techniques, in all their details and nuances on six open rhinoplasties, four primaries and two secondaries. The primaries will show different scenarios of nasal deformities on males and females, while the secondaries will involve rib reconstruction.