AAMS Annual Conference & Hands-on Training Workshops 2017

18th, 19th & 20th AUGUST, 2017. Venue: Marriott Hotel, Islamabad

Annual Meeting & Hands – on Training Workshops 2017

Academy of Aesthetic Medicines and Surgery – Islamabad, August 2017.

AAMS Annual Workshop & Hands-on Training 2017 - Key Features

  1. 70 lectures from the Top Doctors of the World, covering every aspect of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.
  2. Featuring the most exciting Cadaver session on every part of the face and each step of filling from the Top most Anatomists and Facial Plastic Surgeons.
  3. More than 20 Hands – on workshops featuring the latest trends in Fillers, Botox and Threads of various varieties. Hands – on sessions are unique with one – on – one training opportunity for every participant. Never done by any other forum.
  4. Symposiums covering EBD and RF/ Ultrasound/ Threads/ Fillers and various skin enhancing products.
  5. A unique workshop for Dual Plane Breast Augmentation with video demo of every step.
  6. Endorsed by the prestigious ISAPS, PAPS & promoted by one of its kind IMCAS, France.
  7. Meeting and Training to be held at Serena Hotel, Islamabad which is well known for International Security Measures and Five Star Luxury Hotel in Pakistan.
  8. The countdown begins in the Margallas – 18th, 19th and 20th August, 2017

BEST SPEAKERS FROM THE WORLD - AAMS 2017 - An Opportunity for the Enthusiast Learners!

This year you have the opportunity to learn from the BEST SPEAKERS OF THE WORLD!

  • Dr. Pierre Nicolau
  • Dr. Constantine Stan
  • Dr. Sebastian Cotofana
  • Dr. Rami Haidar
  • Dr. Gabriela Casabona
  • Dr. Stefan Wetzel
  • Serge Castro
  • Dr. Pedro Heredia
  • Dr. Tariq Dar
  • Dr. Haroon Nabi
  • (Prof.) Dr. A. Hameed
  • Dr. Farid Ahmed Khan
  • Dr. (Col) Mamoon Rashid
  • Dr. Humayun Mohmand
  • Dr. Armeela Javaid

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